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New On The Lot: 2013 Kia Rio

This is a very nice, clean, economical Kia Rio. It gets excellent mileage and has the standard options such as air conditioning, satellite, USB/AUX stereo inputs and more.

As usual you can find all the details and specs on our primary web site. Below you will find the usual small gallery, click any image to see them full size. Below that you will also find the video we shot.

Below you will find the video we shot a few days back.

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Coming to The Lot Soon! 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee

This jeep is in great shape and just needs one thing, “a new owner”! It has  only 72300 miles on it and looks great.

So stay tuned to this site or our primary website for all the details and a video as soon as we have it on the lot. Obviously we are still cleaning it up and making it nice and shiny, so it may be a few days.

Another shot, click to enlarge.
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Today’s Article Will Basically Deflate the Ego Of All High HP Enthusiasts…Sorry

So you must be thinking how can my ego be deflated by an article? I have a car or truck with lots of torque and a zillion hp?  What are you telling me?

Relax kiddies, this post is merely a lesson in math, ego and reality. First of all YOU are not your vehicle, you are simply the human who could afford said vehicle and press on the gas pedal. Yeah, any idiot can floor it, so don’t be taking too much credit for your vehicle’s power specs because you ain’t got crap to do with them.

So today let us take a look at the math and 2 vehicles, chosen totally NOT at random, because these 2 I know the specs on. Now we will go over the math and then you can make your own conclusions. Of course then we will once again point out how your preconceived notions about hp and torque are pretty much missing some valuable details. In other words we will get you to remove your head from the nether regions of darkness and take notice of some simple facts.

So lets take a look at the specs on our 2 vehicles. The first one is quite impressive:

  • 707 HP and about 650 ft-lbs torque
  • 4,448 lbs curb weight, ( oh my, this ain’t good)
  • red line of 6500 rpm
  • cost: way over common sense
  • 6.2 lbs/hp

Now on to our next vehicle:

  • 141 HP and 74.5 ft-lbs of torque
  • 405 lbs curb weight, (oh my this is good)
  • red line of 11,500 rpm
  • cost: under $10,000
  • 2.8 lbs/hp

So unless you read the lbs/hp spec you are probably thinking that horesepower is king, and it might be,  unless you do the math. Yeah that ginormous 707 hp vehicle is going to get taken outside and beaten like a dirty rug by that lighter lower hp vehicle.

In a race, if you happen to own vehicle one, you would probably be so shattered by your poor choice of “fast” vehicles that you might want to call the suicide hotline before that race ever occurs.

Of course if you happen to own vehicle 2 you would be calmly drinking a soda when vehicle one finally crossed the finish line with barely a memory of what your tail-light looked like as it shrank to a dot as you simply left the idiot sitting there wondering why he/she had spent a fortune on a vehicle, that without about another $20,000 in mods would never even be close to your vehicle.

The worst part is, you have a fairly new vehicle and that guy on vehicle 2 is driving a 2003 spec rocket. Ain’t that a bit*h? Yeah, ego gone, $50,000+ wasted and your only bragging rights are that your vehicle is faster that the other idiot who owns a similarly overpriced piece a steel.

Numbers do tell the whole story folks, but not the stupid hp numbers, instead the power to weight ratio, that is the ONLY number that counts in a straight line. Sure traction, aerodynamics and a few other factors are in there also, but if you are driving on 4 wheels you will lose those math battles every single time.

I am not going to tell you which 2 vehicles were used in this comparison, but suffice to say one had 4 wheels and one had 2 wheels. This article was strictly written to inform you once again, that those huge hp numbers are a nice fantasy, but that 16 yr old kid on a 15 year old bike is going to make you look really, really, really slow.Please make sure to visit our web site and check out all our cars!