Just a Note From Our Web Guru Here…Site Appearance Issue Solved!

So the other day I began my quest to make the site look different and supposedly better.

What I found was a billion themes to choose from, most doing not what I had in mind.

So…to make along story short, the idea was to add a slider at the top of the site with clickable images leading to our primary site with all the specs, prices,etc. This has been done!

If you waited long enough for the page to fully load, you will see the results!

So at this point I am going to pat myself on the back a bit and say great job!

The bottom line is we already have the best overall theme WordPress has to offer at zero cost, therefore keeping our prices low.

So the previous post is still open for voting, but I am thinking that the slider above this post pretty much trumps that other theme. That test site will go bye-bye here in roughly 24 hours.

…and yes, I’ll say it again, damn! I am good!

Now stop in and buy a car so they can afford to pay me!


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