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New on The Lot: 2014 Chevy Equinox! Sweet Ride!

Last week we published an article on our GMC Terrain, it didn’t last 5 days. This one won’t last long either folks! With less than 30,000 miles and a really nice look, and lots of options, this one is quite the stunner if you like light blue vehicles!

This vehicle has the usual cruise control, Bluetooth, great sound system, with aux/USB inputs, lots of interior room and little things like alloy wheels and a huge amount of room for everyone!

So as usual, make sure to visit our primary website for all the details and specs and the latest pricing! Below you will find the usual mini-gallery and you need only click one image to see them enlarged.

Of course we shot a video also and you can view it below. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you are shopping for a car. We do a video on every single one!

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New On The Lot: 2014 Loaded Nissan Rogue! (Video)

This one looks like it may be sold! We just put this Nissan on the lot today and folks, it is loaded with features! So many that I will only do a short list here via text.  Watch the video at the end for more details!

As usual, it has low mileage, is just like new and has these really cool options!

  • Power Driver’s Seat
  • Heated/Cooled Driver Seat AND Heated Passenger Seat!
  • CD/Satellite/Bluetooth/Navigation with Aux/USB Inputs!
  • A Huge Panoramic Sunroof
  • Economical 2.5 L Engine

It is a very good looking vehicle and worth every penny and will give you years of service! So visit our primary website for all the specs and pricing.

Below you will find the usual small gallery, but click any image to see it full size.


Below is the video and I apologize for the wind noise, but last I checked, I simply can’t control the weather…please watch, please like the video and please do subscribe! Share it on Twitter and Facebook and all those social sites!


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Our Latest Video! The 2014 Avenger!

Today we start posting our Videos on the Main Page!

As folks who have previously visited this web site might know, we post all our videos of our cars on to our YouTube site.

To put it bluntly, they are not Hollywood quality, but they do show you the car from the outside and inside and the motor compartment. Occasionally they may get quite a bit more detailed if the car is really special.

But the point of this post is that if you follow our Facebook page which is linked at the top of all our articles we will be posting the links to our videos there from here on out.

I have decided to dump the “most recent videos page” due to it’s redundancy.

However we are asking you to go to our Facebook page and like and share our videos with your friends. Let them all know that we exist and what kind of great cars we have. Subscribe if you wish to keep track, and pass on the videos to all your friends.

So here is the first of our videos that we will be sharing on one of the sharpest mid-size sedans we have put on the lot recently…please share it, subscribe to our page and our YouTube Channel to help us sell more great cars to more great customers!

The Avenger was sold today (03/08/18)

That is all for now…make sure to tell folks about about primary web site at this link!

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