Sometimes You Must Take Action, In This Case it is Killing Mice!

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This post doesn’t have a thing to do with our fine cars, but more to do with the fine art of mouse assassination. We have had an increase in the population of field mice in the shop and extreme measures have been called for.

If killing mice bothers you, then you have never had to deal with them, The only good mouse is a dead mouse. If you trap them humanely and then release them, guess where they end up? Yeah right back in your home or business!

So after a successful test of our dirt cheap mouse trap, (1 dead), we have increased the odds in our favor. So how does this mouse trap work? It’s simple kiddies, it is a paper towel tube cut in half and balanced at the edge of a workbench that the enemy frequents. At the end of the tube is a tasty peanut. Below the tubes, yes, we figured go big or go home, is a bucket of soapy water. Mouse goes in, tube tips and falls into water, mouse drowns.

In order to increase efficiency just behind those tubes is some tasty Sweet and Sour sauce from McDonald’s, of course this sauce is laced with anti-freeze, so if they choose not to go for the peanut in the tube-trap, they will be poisoned,  either way it works! Incidentally, they like ranch sauce also!

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Now on the Lot! 2014 Hyundai Azera!

img_20160929_111951As promised yesterday, the Hyundai Azera  is now available! The asking price is $17,400, which is an extremely reasonable price for a luxury automobile!

Stop by today or visit the website for all the specs and details. Hopefully by the end of the day we will have more pictures and a video available! (if it ever quits raining).

As promised the main web site has all the regular phots and a video posted to it. Of course if you are too lazy to click the link above and go to the website, here is the video.

Please make sure to visit our web site and check out all our cars!

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